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Coming Events for NA'IMAH and the ANANDANI DANCERS

** More coming in every week, so reserve early! **

(Note: not all of my performances are on this page or my calendar; in fact I'm not posting many of the events that are closed to the public. So if you're interested in a certain date, please contact me early to reserve it! Also, different events take different amounts of time, so if something's already posted on your date, contact me and I might still be able to make it, or recommend someone who will do a fantastic job. Thanks!)

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WORKSHOPS FOR 2014 (Partial List - more to be added/updated)

  • Sat April 5: Kalamazoo - Basic Bollywood - Hosted By Bellydance Kalamazoo,
  • Sun April 6: Wyandotte - "Radha" Choreo, 4:15 - 6:15, Performance @ 7pm - Hosted By Abida Blaze
  • Sat/Sun April 12/13 : Lansing workshop with Dahlena (attending) - Performance, 8pm, Hosted By Habibi Dancers!
  • Thurs April 17: Mattawan Public Schools, Culture Fair, with Sabrina Merrill


  • Sun May 4: Ann Arbor - Raqs Unveiled - "Freaky and Formidable Bollyfusion" - how to spice up your bellydance with Bollywood and classical Indian steps and combos in no time!  - Hosted By Unveiled Dance -
  • Sat May 10: Kalamazoo - Photography Workshop!! - how to make your photoshops fun and fabulous by maximizing your time and minimizing your mistakes... if you've ever admired Na'imah's photos on Facebook, learn how she does it in this hands-on workshop. Bring a mirror and a camera (the one in your phone will work great) and be ready to strike a pose. Wear makeup, and clothing that makes you feel fantastic! Hosted By Bellydance Kalamazoo -

  • Sat May 10: Kalamazoo - Stage Makeup For Bellydancers If you perform and want your image to be as picture-perfect as possible, you cannot afford to miss this inexpensive, comprehensive workshop. Na'imah started learning stage makeup at the Kalamazoo Civic in high school and, since then, has had experience with Opera Grand Rapids, takes frequent refresher courses on what's new, and is a veteran at applying makeup for both stage and photoshoots. She'll take you through the process of applying your makeup, step by step, and even show you how to take a great selfie! :) Hosted By Bellydance Kalamazoo


  • June 1 - 8 - Cassandra's Weeklong Intensive in Minneapolis, MN (attending) - Once again, Na'imah returns to study with long-time inspiration Cassandra Shore in this weeklong workshop that illustrates the meaning of the word "intensive". -


  • Fri/Sun July 18 - 20: Indiana - Mid-Way Mayhem - "Bolly Wild And Wicked" - If you've ever wanted to be wild and wicked and inappropriate and dance and laugh and giggle and whoop and learn something about Bollywood, well, you've come to the right place. Na'imah will be teaching this very class on Sunday, July 20. :) - Hosted By Carenza's Caravan


  • Sat/Sun August 2/3: Wisconsin - Shimmy In The Grain - "Improvisation" and "Arm-a-geddon" classes  - Ever wished you felt more at ease improvising on stage, or just dancing to the music at parties or in your own basement? Na'imah's easy 1,2,3 approach to "Improvisation" makes it easy to return to the improvisational roots of Raqs Sharki in this no-pressure workshop. "Arm-a-geddon": In this class, Na'imah will demystify common bellydance arm movements, and show you how to achieve more powerful and graceful hands and arms. She'll also show you how to use your arms to define your space and to contain, or share, your energy during performances - and give some pointers on sneaky ninja bellydancer self-defense using your arms and your energy!! - Hosted By Arielle Dance and Dance Life Studios!


  • Wed/SunSept 10 - 14: Oasis Dance Retreat, Traverse City, MI (attending)
  • Sat Sept 27/28: Michawaka, IN - Fall Workshop for Ruby Jazayre, plus Sunday Master Class (TBA); Performance Saturday Night - Hosted By Ruby Jazayre


  • November 6,7: Great Lakes Bellydance Convention


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